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Eliva Clinic

Welcome to Eliva Clinic, a premier fertility center based in France. Our ethos at Eliva is inclusivity; we greet everyone, single or in a relationship, from all over the world. With no waiting periods and no references needed, commence your reproductive journey with us in a smooth and assured manner.


Eliva Clinic navigates the challenge of providing personalized fertility solutions amidst diverse patient needs and medical complexities. Balancing emotional sensitivity with medical expertise, we strive to address each individual’s unique circumstances and aspirations. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every patient receives the highest standard of care throughout their fertility journey.

Plan of Action

By following this comprehensive plan of action, Nexentis can ensure the successful development and launch of a high-quality website that effectively showcases their brand, engages their target audience, and drives business growth.

User-Friendly Interface:

  • Develop a clean and intuitive website interface for easy navigation.
  • Ensure accessibility for all users, including those seeking fertility treatments and information.

Clear Information Presentation:

  • Clearly outline services offered, including investigations and treatments, for both public and private patients.
  • Provide detailed information on eligibility criteria and appointment scheduling procedures.

Responsive Design:

  • Create a responsive website design that adapts seamlessly to different devices and screen sizes.
  • Ensure optimal viewing experience for users accessing the website from desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Educational Content:

  • Offer informative content about fertility issues, treatments, and options available at Eliva Clinic.
  • Provide resources such as FAQs, articles, and testimonials to educate and support patients in their fertility journey.

Appointment Booking System:

  • Implement a user-friendly appointment booking system for easy scheduling of consultations and treatments.
  • Enable online appointment requests and inquiries to streamline the booking process for patients.

Privacy and Confidentiality Assurance:

  • Emphasize the clinic's commitment to privacy and confidentiality in handling patient information.
  • Provide secure communication channels for patients to discuss sensitive matters and concerns with clinic staff.


Eliva Clinic delivers results by offering comprehensive investigations and treatments, accessible through agreements with Stockholm County Council or private funding options. With a commitment to flexibility and inclusivity, we ensure that individuals have access to the fertility services they need, tailored to their preferences and circumstances.